Friday, 25 November 2016

concept art is a way of presenting ideas for a game or movie this can consist drawings and prototypes of weapons buildings characters and even landscapes. in games concept art is used to come up with ideas for nearly the hole game it will be either 2D or 3D drawings of landscapes or props. concept art is the way people plan there game to get a look into what it will look like or just show what a few aspects look like.

concept art is used in many ways like one for presenting a idea or even for marketing some compains use conept art to get fans to preorder the game and to show off there idea


this is a peice of concept art for the game dragon age here you can see that they have painted a castle on a landscape which is mountains it is a 3D painting and uses a bit of shading the castle is a big scale and gives you a wide perspective of the scene they have used a range of colours in the fore ground mainly dark and dull colours but back ground light and clear colours this contrast between the to to give off a quite real and alive feel to the concept.

as you can see over all this landscape could be a scary scene as its quite dark and random as the castle is place in a mountain but it could be the darkness overlooking the light. 

personally i think that this is quite a mystical picture the use of the dark colors around the castle is quite scary for a castle in the middle of no ware also the view that is imputed into the picture give you a sense of what the horizon will make you feel when you play the game.


this is concept art for a knife/sword and it is quite detailed and well shaded this could be a concept for a fantasy/zombie type game. as well as the dull look it may bring out a fearful feeling as its a quite mean looking sword. 

i like the look of this sword as it seems like a deadly weapon that could be used in many way also the fact that the sword has no color brings out the frightening look to the weapon and will benifit the person using it. 


this is concept art for the game fallout 4 the characters called synths and there are a few different types the first is the newest and as they get to the last you can see the inside which is a mechanical version of a human body the colors are quite dull which could make the character seem evil whcih can seem quite scary to see.

i think that these look quite scary as they are mechanical beings that are quite identical to humans. the complexity of the colors used in the desgin is truly detailed and makes them look scary as they have drew the insides to. as there is not much light i think that they are used as a enemy.

in this image you can see the production of concept at first you can see its just a basic outline of a head and then slowly gains detail to form the final product. when you look from the start to the finish the amount of detail 

i think that the face of this man seems evil as the look printed on his face with the dull colors seem quite strange if not evil. this man could be used as a mad scientist in a game or a movie.

in concept art there are many stages first you have to come up with a concept idea so you know what to draw and base your art on. then create a basic skech to create your idea on paper then beging to add color to bring out parts of the drawing then you outline the picture to seperate the colors and show cretin features and then light up areas to show detail and mood to your art. not all concept art holds color some are just plain black and white as they want to show the more darker side towards the picture. 

the mood shown in a image of concept can be important to show people the emotion the game or movie is trying to bring out of you.
the mood of the image is shown in diffrent ways by color or by or the surroundings of the conept.

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